Version 1.2.2 / Bugfix and Compatibility Convenience

This is a strongly recommended bugfix and feature update.


I had made a mistake that caused web storage keys to instead be used as local save file paths, placing save files in the game’s root directory and breaking web-support and forwards- and backwards-compatibility for saves. This update fixes all of that but breaks (immediate) compatibility with saves created using the buggy version.

(If needed, you can restore those saves manually by moving and renaming the save files from the game’s root directory into the www/save directory. This is not done automatically due to potential file (name) collisions.)

Apologies and thank you for the bug report!

Compatibility API Extension

The API now exposes a normalizeConfigToObject(config) function that makes it easier to extend makeApplyFromConfiguration(config) for compatibility with additional save data created by plugins.

Plugin Compatibility Notes

I noticed a plugin order requirement when this plugin is used together with YEP_SaveCore.js: As the latter replaces certain engine functions (that Bookmarks modifies transparently) entirely, YEP_SaveCore must be loaded before Bookmarks.


TS_Bookmarks.js 78 kB
Version 1.2.2 Aug 08, 2022

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