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This is a workflow enhancement for RPG Maker MV, enabling seamless data exchange with other applications through the clipboard.

Supported data copied in RPG Maker is automatically translated into RPGSNIPPET text that can be pasted elsewhere, and supported snippets found in copied Unicode text are automatically made available to RPG Maker.

As snippets can contain arbitrary executable code (through use of RPG Maker's JavaScript scripting feature), please make sure to always read through snippets given to you by others before use to check for anything suspicious!


To make this software broadly available in a way that's sustainable to me, there is a tiered pricing structure:

Features by EditionFreeCommunityBasicPro
Use snippets✔*
Create snippets✔*
Commercial use
Use modified snippets
Compact mode

*: Only for non-commercial use.

Each purchase includes only one license, but this license covers all editions up to the chosen tier.

You may not sublicense this tool, but you can sell or gift a usage license onwards as used, provided you don't use it past that transaction. (Please include all files from the original package when doing so.) See the included license.html for details.
Please note that I may be able to provide only limited support for resold or gifted licenses. In particular, I don't think I can refund them except to the original buyer.


This is the smallest edition, free of charge. It lets you use snippets others have published, by copying them as text and pasting them into RPG Maker, but only if you don't use it to earn money/make someone else earn money.

Please also use this edition as trial to make sure the program works fine on your computer before purchasing a higher tier. I'm confident about compatibility, but there's always a chance for unforeseen context. (Please tell me if there's any issue here, so that I can help find a workaround or implement a fix.)


An affordable edition for hobbyists. With this, you can additionally create your own snippets, for personal use or to share or publish, as long as you don't use it to earn money or make someone else earn money.

Simply copy one or multiple* items in RPG Maker and paste them into a text editor or text field elsewhere.
(*Where and how you can copy and paste multiple things at once is controlled by RPG Maker alone, so I can't support multi-element snippets in all cases. Please refer to the data compatibility table below for more info.)


This edition is feature-wise identical to the Community one, but may be used commercially. This means you could, for example:

  • use it to create a game which you accept money related to (e.g. through sales, tips or patronages),
  • publish your snippets and accept money related to them,
  • provide self-made snippets alongside your own commercial RPG Maker plugin, to make it easier to use,
  • create and share ready-to-use tile flag configurations to go along with your commercial tileset images.


At this point I will assume you know what you are doing.
(All features and usage rights of the Basic edition are included.)

This edition comes with multiple executables that, depending on which you use, let you use even snippets that have been modified outside of RPG Maker and create (usually single-line) snippets with raw, unformatted content (compact mode).

This edition is priced higher as I expect to receive more support requests as a result of these features. It's also possible that there may be problems I cannot fix. Please back up your game project regularly when using this tier!

Data Compatibility

RPG Maker MV
Common Events✔✔
Event Commands✔✔
Event Pages
Playernot usefully
Starting Party Membersnot usefully
[SV] Magic Skillsnot usefully
Types: Elements
Types: Skill Types
Types: Weapon Types
Types: Armor Types
Types: Equipment Types

☑: Supported
☑☑: Supported, incl. multiple in one snippet
✔: Supported, but may contain foreign IDs
✔✔: Supported, incl. multiple in one snippet, but may contain foreign IDs

RPG Manager unfortunately represents links between items only by the other item's ID number. This means that the meaning of those links can change when data is copied between different projects, or that pasting could fail in some cases where the linked-to item does not exist yet.

Please keep this in mind when creating snippets that refer to anything that appears in one of RPG Maker's numbered lists.

Known Issues

When using the clipboard history in Windows (Win+V), neither items copied from RPG Maker nor text containing snippets appear in the history.

I'll have to do some research into this, but it's currently not a high priority. This issue may not be fixable in a way that's guaranteed to avoid data corruption.

Questions & Answers

Who made the cover image?

Credit and many thanks for that go to Dronaroid (@artdron), who turned a very rough initial idea into the polished summary you see at the top of the page.

Will there be support for Linux and macOS?

Linux support is planned, but I can't give an ETA on this. The program has to interact with the low-level OS clipboard API, which I'm not familiar with in Linux.
I also have not checked yet whether Linux support is possible, so please do not buy a license at this time if you require this feature.

macOS won't be supported due to the financial hurdles introduced by Apple against developers of redistributable software. I simply cannot afford to support this platform.

Can you add support for RPG Maker …?

Yes and no.

Supporting RPG Maker MZ would likely be quite easy since it's (hopefully) similar to MV, but I can't afford that one very well. I will consider the investment if this tool sells well or there is a lot of demand for it.

Supporting versions of RPG Maker older than MV is likely possible, but would come with limited functionality. These versions use binary project data instead of JSON, which limits my ability to create human-readable snippets and makes the initial implementation somewhat more difficult.
I already have a license to RPG Maker XP though, so if you would be okay with basic support without advanced features and would use this feature regularly, please let me know.

Can this program be used to move data between different versions of RPG Maker?


While possible in theory, such a feature would be several magnitudes more work to research, implement and test thoroughly. As such, there are no plans to implement this.

Please use the project upgrade features included with RPG Maker by default instead, where available.

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In order to download this workflow enhancement you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Clipboard Helper (Community, for non-commercial use).zip 527 kB
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Download demo

Clipboard Helper (Free, for non-commercial use of existing snippets).zip 525 kB
Example Snippet.txt 1 kB

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(1 edit) (+1)

Sorry, I feel a bit confused about the applicability of this Clipboard Helper. Why should I use it instead of directly edit the object within default Editor?

(6 edits) (+1)

For a single developer, this program likely isn’t all that useful (and can’t replace the default editor). Instead it’s intended for data-sharing without packaging an entire project to copy, for example, a longer event script out of it.
If you’re working on a larger project with multiple authors, you could copy the base project so that everyone has the same existing variables, items, troops and so on, then work on new content in parallel. With this tool, that new content can be shared over email or DM as plaintext and used in RPG Maker MV without transcribing it or editing .json files.

Another use case I thought of is to set up tile flags (Passage, Ladder, …) in advance and provide them alongside tileset images, since that’s time-consuming and can be a bit tricky to get right if someone is unfamiliar with the system. The snippet can then be pasted into the “Tilesets” list in the database editor of any project, with the images already set up correctly also. That said, this particular function isn’t that useful right now, without a tileset remix editor that can preserve the tile flags when combining multiple tilesets into one.
For tileset creators, I currently wouldn’t recommend buying this unless the tileset is large and comes with most pages filled in already. In that case though, it could make the tileset ready to use for game creators within a minute or two, as they’d only have to place the image files in their project and paste the snippet into their tilesets list in the normal database editor (while at least the Free edition is running. Unfortunately I can’t make text snippets that work without the helper).


Hey, thanks for the detail explanation! (⌒▽⌒)☆

(1 edit) (+1)

One more thing: If you can’t afford the Community edition, or if you cannot pay for it, feel free to drop me an email. (You can find my address for example in the license file that comes with the Free edition, right near the top.)