Versions *.2.2 ('Diff "Equip → Optimize"?')

Version 1.2.2 mainly adds the following new feature, off by default:

Equipment Change Diffing

Previously, the equipment change hook would run unconditionally for any call to Game_Item.prototype.setObject. This results in additional hook calls when a player uses the “Optimize” command in the “Equip” menu, as its default implementation first unequips each item and then equips the best option in each slot.

With the new ‘Diff “Equip → Optimize”?’ plugin parameter, and/or the new JavaScript API (TS_Equipment_Change_Hook.startDiff() and TS_Equipment_Change_Hook.stopDiff()), it’s now possible to temporarily pause the equipment change hook, so that only true changes are detected.

(Replacing an individual equipment item with an identical one manually or through Commands will still run the hook unconditionally.)

Version 2.2.2 enables ‘Diff “Equip → Optimize”?’ by default.

This is technically a breaking change, even if the new default is more intuitive in some ways.

I recommend updating to version 2.2.2 instead of 1.2.2, unless you rely on the old behaviour of “Optimize”. Future updates will be available for both major versions, unless they are incompatible.

Full Changelog

Version 2.2.2


Breaking changes:

  • The plugin parameter ‘Diff “Equip → Optimize”?’ now defaults to “true”.

Version 1.2.2



  • Added ‘Diff “Equip → Optimize”?’ plugin parameter and JavaScript API.

    This can be used to more accurately react to equipment changes the player makes using the Optimize command in the Equip menu.

Bug fixes:

  • The hook now also reflects changes to the new equipment made by plugins hooking Game_Item.prototype.setObject which were loaded before this one.


TS_Equipment_Change_Hook.js 23 kB
Version 2.2.2 Jun 02, 2022
TS_Equipment_Change_Hook.js 23 kB
Version 1.2.2 Jun 02, 2022

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