Version 1.1.1 ("No Mutex?")

This release mainly adds the following new feature, off by default:

New “No Mutex?” Parameter

This new parameter can be used to, even when the equipment change handler is already active, process further equipment changes immediately.

This can be useful, for example, when one equipment change queues up a message to be shown once the menu is closed, but another, later one should make changes that are visible in the menu without first closing it.

However, this option potentially makes control flow much more complex, letting it jump back and forth between multiple instances of the handler running in parallel, and changes the configured Variables, Switches and JS globals before the handler completes in some cases.
For this reason, I don’t recommend enabling it unless you have previous experience with coroutines.

To most easily stop concurrency issues, I recommend my plugin CE Plugin Commands and Scoped Variables, which can be used to preserve values throughout the entire run of each handler without crosstalk. However, please read its store page thoroughly before considering a purchase, as it is more complicated to use than this plugin here.

Full Changelog


  • Added new “No Mutex?” parameter to allow handler concurrency.

Revisions (internal code changes):

  • Replaced .call(this, ...arguments) with .apply(this, arguments), which may be slightly more efficient.
  • Replaced let with const in many places. This will make future updates easier to develop.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause unexpected handler scheduling if an Error was thrown by a Command but didn’t cause the game to crash.


TS_Equipment_Change_Hook.js 23 kB
Version 1.1.1 May 15, 2022

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