Joint controller for Dynamic Characters and Dynamic Pictures.
Dynamically and flicker-free change and layer Actor, Event and Vehicle images on the Map!
Continue map processing in menus and pause anywhere.
Show custom help or flavour text for battle commands!
Monitor "Party"-category Commands to observe information and run Common Events.
Dynamically and flicker-free change and layer Pictures, even during Move Picture!
Accurate click/touch interaction for map events, supporting multiple entry points per event.
Git-ready data file formatting on playtest: Collaborate in parallel!
Show battler reactions using custom sprite animations!
Add varied, frame-perfect sound effects to your animations.
Framework to add timed side-effects to battler animations.
Animate battlers by observing battler-related JS function calls.
Battler entrance and basic idle animations. No scripting!
A rule-based battler sprite animation engine.
Assorted patches for RPG Maker plugins, with permissive license.
Exclude actors from (only!) battles, directly, by note tag, or by state.
Add single key/combo save slots to your game. (Playtest only!)
Insert Commands into Show Text as escape codes!
Easy and polished chapter bookmarks, NG+ and/or parallel stories.
Fixes the RPG Maker MV random screen freeze bug.
Make your own parametrised Commands with no JS required!
Pinpoints which Command caused an Error, at each layer of the call stack.
Runs a common event each time an actor's equipment changed. (+ configurable parameters)
Check effective Passage at a glance and more!
Easy data sharing: Just copy and paste!

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